Estancia Fangio Balcarce by Esplendor Hoteles Boutique is the ideal venue for those who want a quiet setting to enjoy and connect with nature.
Estancia Fangio by Esplendor Hoteles invites you to experience absolute relaxation in a beautiful environment, surrounded by the tranquility of the countryside and the nature of the hills.

When you visit La Estancia Fangio, you’ll get to know the legacy behind its name. It’s an invitation to relax and unwind, knowing that you’ll go back to your life with a renewed body and mind.

Fruit trees, colorful flowers, impeccable green lawns and the song of the birds turn it into a unique and ideal place to have a break from your routine.

Estancia Fangio, by Esplendor Hoteles, includes one main house and six rooms. The rooms maintain the style chosen by Juan Manuel, a huge living room, a dining room, a playroom and a large breakfast room, where Fangio used to spend time with his friends and family.
Here you can perceive the same relaxing atmosphere enjoyed by the eternal hero.

The imposing 10 hectare grounds include a removed adjoining building with eight spacious rooms with a modern style.

The Estate has a large outdoor pool, an event hall, and tennis and football courts.

Guests can enjoy a fully equipped spa, with an indoor heated pool, hot tub and a variety of massage and beauty treatments.

General Services

  • Check in 03:00 PM / Check out 12:00 PM
     Check in 03:00 PM / Check out 12:00 PM
  • Buffet Breakfast Included
     Buffet Breakfast Included
  • Front Desk 24hs
     Front Desk 24hs
  • Concierge services
     Concierge services
  • Emergency Medical Service
     Emergency Medical Service
  • Wake-up service
     Wake-up service
  • Room Service
     Room Service
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
     Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Solarium
  • Outdoor Pool
     Outdoor Pool
  • Soccer Field and Tennis Court
     Soccer Field and Tennis Court
  • Bicycles
  • Indoor and Outdoor Games
     Indoor and Outdoor Games
  • Wellness Center
     Wellness Center
  • Covered Car Park (subject to availability)
     Covered Car Park (subject to availability)

Services with additional cost

  • Pet friendly
     Pet friendly
  • Massage and Beauty Treatments
     Massage and Beauty Treatments
  • In/Out Transportation
     In/Out Transportation
  • Restaurant
  • Car Rental
     Car Rental
  • Printing and Scanning
     Printing and Scanning
  • Dry Cleaning
     Dry Cleaning



La Estancia Fangio Balcarce by Esplendor Hoteles Boutique offers a renewed cuisine that values country life and traditions. It is characterized by the use of local products and a special selection that guarantees a unique end product.

Every night, we serve a different signature menu conceived by our executive chef, full of genuine flavors and elegant in its simplicity.

A good example of this is our classic rural barbecue: the quality of the ingredients and the cooking techniques create an unforgettable experience in the Argentine pampas.



La Estancia has a fully equipped gym so you can continue with your daily routine. It offers mats, stationary bikes, treadmills and dumbbells, as well as mineral water and towels.

Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

Esplendor Boutique Hotels has pet-friendly rooms with all the amenities so that you don’t have to leave your furry friend behind.


General Conditions:

One cat or dog of no more than 33 lbs. per room.

The cost per night is USD 15.
The pet must be in good health.
Mandatory use of leash and muzzle when entering and exiting the facilities, as well as when walking around the public areas.
Pets are accepted in public areas, except in the spa, gym, pool, and those areas where food and drinks are sold or served.
Servicing of rooms needs to be scheduled at a time when the pet is not going to be in it. The hotel reserves the right to apply a room servicing surcharge of USD 100 if the pet is the cause of disorder or filth.
Leaving the pet alone inside the room is not allowed, except when kept inside a travel cage or kennel.
Guests must make sure they look after the premises and the pets behave properly, avoiding noises such as barking and/or meowing which could disturb the other guests.
During the stay in the hotel, the pet will be given a cushion and water and food bowls.